2 comments on “Gulu blog: Ebola, TQM, and never hearing another excuse about lack of resource again

  1. Hiya Sarah
    I was so pleased to read your blog and hear that you had both arrived safely. Hope you and hubby are well.
    It seems like another world, I know we see things on TV, newspapers, internet etc but being fed the information”straight from the horses mouth” (not that i’m calling you a horse). It sounds bewildering and scary but what a fabulous life -experience. It does make me realise how fortunate we are in the UK and western world and how we take everyday living for granted. The Ebola is truly horrific, there are stories and pictures in the media daily. I remember reading about it years ago and was amazed then how they had seemed to contain it with such limited resources.
    I wish I could write something equally stimulating but life here is same old, work, home, bed….. Weekends are great, spending time with family and friends,visited to the lake district recently and the weather has been great, which is always a welcome bonus. Richard (my hubby) are soon off to Barcelona to celebrate his 50th birthday. It is one of our favourite cities and we have seen much of the main tourist attractions so hope to chill and relax too.
    Please continue with your blog and continue to take care and keep safe!
    Best wishes, Catherine

  2. Barcelona is lovely – I worked near there one summer years ago and I’d love to go back. 🙂 We’ve been back to the UK for a funeral, but we’ve now returned to Kampala to get on with some work. It’s actually a little cooler here than it’s been in the UK!

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